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So rewarding! I am no longer paralyzed by the idea of making dinner for my family. I loved how the focus was to get me cooking more and now I do cook more and I feel better.

Emily Sui

If I can learn this much about cooking healthy meals, then I am convinced that anyone can. I feel like I am in control and I can now make the food I want to eat.

Danton Parker, Student

I'm no chef, but I can make soups and salad now. My wife of 32 years cannot believe her eyes. I feel it's pretty good for an older guy who never cared much for the kitchen. It's actually pretty fun and I absolutely know it's good for me.

William Wagner, Jr.

If you want to improve your health and wellbeing, start in the kitchen with Culinary Rx. It will change your life!

Sharon Craw

I have wanted to eat more vegetables, but since I wasn't a good cook, they never tasted that good to me. With the Culinary Rx course, I am now a more flavorable cook and this has encouraged me to eat more vegetables.

Karen Herbert

This course has given me the confidence I need in a kitchen and reiterates and supports my way of life and now I feel better and more confident about recommending this diet to all.

Chris Chez

Even I was already vegan for over 2 years, I still learned lots from this course. I believe anyone, vegan or not, could use Culinary Rx as a tool to improve their health and cooking!

Isabella Perez

I have been struggling with diet and weight for years. What I thought I knew about nutrition was holding me back from getting healthier. I am now motivated and excited with the new tools and lessons I've learned about plant-based foods with Culinary Rx.

Joy Johnson

Culinary Rx has been instrumental in helping me to gain a better understanding of foods, and how they affect our body. This course addresses all learning modalities therefore everyone will benefit from its style of presenting information. I believe you can not go wrong in this journey of cooking techniques and recipe outcome. Job well done. Bravo!

Ninfa Seloff

Rouxbe's Culinary Rx course is a fun, informative, and highly engaging course. It combines nutritional information with hands-on cooking skills, and gives you the practical knowledge to make real and lasting changes in your health. Learning from Rouxbe is one of the best investments you can make in yourself -- a truly enriching and rewarding experience.

Suzanne Martin

For those who are lost in the kitchen, feel that you could improve in the kitchen, or even those folks with a strong knowledge base, taking Culinary Rx will help you learn about the science behind a plant-based diet, the benefits, and give you good examples of how to plan for cooking success, benefiting you and those around you!

Rory McKenna

If you know nothing about plant-based eating and cooking, you can learn a lot from this course. I highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in improving their health through diet.

Judith Barnes

I would highly recommend Culinary Rx. It is a great course, well rounded, and well presented. Consider Rouxbe / Culinary Rx the new standard for culinary education.

Mahmoud Wazzan

My keen interest in the plant-based diet, can now be put into practice using all the amazing skills and recipes learned throughout the Culinary Rx course. It has inspired me and left me keen to learn more. A real game changer for me. Thank you Rouxbe!

Donna Limin

The course was immensely useful in catapulting me into a healthy plant-based diet. It is organised, interactive, user-friendly and resourceful. I found it contained content that was exactly what I needed in embarking on the journey to a healthier life. I have been recommding this course to friends, family and colleagues.

Ana Grassi

Culinary RX improved my culinary skills dramatically. I know have the confidence and knowledge to go into my kitchen and create a meal without using someone else's recipe!

Ashliegh McDeavitt

I highly recommend the Culinary Rx course as a great foundational program to get anyone started on their road to healthy eating. So many people want to eat healthy and don't know where to begin or are sadly misinformed. This course is for people who want to make a healthy choice and are open to expert advice, and proven studies. It is a course that shows you that with a little planning and some basic skills and knowledge that you really can eat healthy and avoid the overly processed foods that are so prevalent in today's fast food restaurants and prepared grocery store meals.

Marcia Murphy

Culinary Rx has made me more aware of the healthful impact a plant-based diet can have on ones life. I'm inspired to create and cook more plant-based meals and to pass along information I've learned from this course to colleagues, family and friends.

Mary Collins-Shepard

The professionalism, compassion, and enthusiasm of Rouxbe's instructors is infectious. I have found a world of support that will keep me on this path for life. Thank you Rouxbe friends.

Linda Brunini

Culinary Rx, is more than just picking a plant-based way of life. This online course is the first step in taking your health into your own hands. Culinary Rx will arm you with the knowledge and skills to do just that and to blaze the path of healthy living moving forward. I loved this class!

Liz Forman

Culinary Rx has opened me up to embracing a plant-based lifestyle, and certainly shown me that food is our medicine and that we can heal ourselves through diet. Excellent course!

Jennifer Yamagata

The Culinary Rx course provides a good introduction to the reasons we should all follow a plant-based diet and establishes the skills that allows anyone to adopt this way of eating.

Wes Kasprow

This course covers everything from A - Z as to why one should be plant based and how easy it is to transition. So many people find the concept of becoming plant based too difficult or they are afraid or don't know where or how to begin. This course will help them gain the confidence and knowledge to tackle this all. I loved this course and would highly recommend it.

Melanie Blake

Whether you are interested in a plant-based diet part or full-time, you will learn all the reasons why you should from the Culinary Rx course. It's not expensive or too time-consuming like some people think. Your body will thank you for it.

Johanna Woodbury

This program takes the guessing out of recipe making, and teaches the whys as well as the hows to support any diet transition for better health. Also the batch cooking and grain and bean lessons offer a foundation for meal planning for an entire week to save money on food as well as health expenses for lifestyle diseases that are avoidable.

Audra Oglesbee

Whether you are already on the path of maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle, or you're in desperate need of a dietary change, this course is for you! It will motivate and inspire you, teach you a ton, and keep you entertained on top of it all. It was worth every penny.

Rachael Hutchings

I highly recommend this Culinary Rx course. I have been wanting to adopt a Plant Based Diet for quite a while but needed to understand how to put meals together to have balanced meals. This course explains the different ways to make this happen. I have more confidence in my meal preparations, my new learned knife skills are fun and practical. I am one appreciative student. Excellent course. Take it you won't be sorry.

Gail Apodaca

Taking this course is your first step in a lifelong adventure that will improve your immune system, reduce the risk of heart disease, and make you younger for your age than almost anyone you know. But what's just as exciting, you'll learn recipes that make you feel like a real chef. The recipes I've printed from this course far surpass any I've ever tried. I haven't had a single failure! Take this course and you'll wake up each day excited about the new taste sensations awaiting you. And you'll get just the right encouragement to finish it all with flying colors.

Joy Schwabach

This course has given me the opportunity to better embrace the plant-based lifestyle and take some of the mysteries and guesswork out of preparation methods. With the focus on the techniques and skills, and not on just specific dishes or recipes, it gave me a springboard and confidence builder to build from as I improve my overall lifestyle and health all while eating great tasting food!

Chris Balthrop

This course is life changing in skills, knowledge, habits, and health for me and my family. The batch prepping/ cooking makes it EASIER and more ENTICING to eat healthy than to grab over-processed low nutrition food.

Barbara Perlik

This class has given me more confidence in the kitchen as I cook with real food from scratch without spending hours in food preparation.

Elizabeth Berg

Although I worked as a "Vegan Baker/Vegetable Engineer" for over 2 years in a vegan prep kitchen, I have learned so much during this course! I've been able to refine existing skills and develop new skills. Because of some of the techniques I've learned in this course, I've been able to cook beautiful, delicious food that even has my non-vegetable eating, teenage son coming back for seconds! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change towards healthier without compromising taste and presentation!

Benita Gibbs

I would recommend the Culinary Rx course to anyone wishing to adopt a more healthy, plant based lifestyle. Whether you're transitioning or already started and need that extra boost to expand you knowledge, this course will fit your needs. The lessons, videos, and practice exercises offer a fun way to learn and provide a great foundation for better health.

Christina Traynor

Many thanks to Rouxbe Culinary Rx for leading me down the path to healthy eating with a flare! I have already incorporated many of these wonderful techniques in my food preparation.

Susan Bouvy

Ïf you are new or veteran in the kitchen and on the Whole Food Plant Based diet, Culinary Rx is the perfect match for you. Its simplicity but educational and informational approach will take to a better healthy food choices."

Silvia Leonel

If you are entertaining the idea of taking a Rouxbe online course, just do it - you won't be disappointed!! The videos on the Culinary Rx course are informative and precise. Each lesson builds upon the previous one and takes you forward with your culinary awareness. It's interactive and fun. I appreciated the go-at-your-own-pace aspect best.

Annette Nielsen

Culinary Rx came at the perfect time in my life! I'm currently contemplating a career change, and this course reinforced my love for cooking and my desire for cooking and wellness to be a bigger part of my life, either personally or professionally. I feel much more confident about my cooking skills, learned so much, and am eager to learn more!

Karen Maylone

Although Culinary Rx is advertised for plant based cooking it is perfect for an individual new to the kitchen, and really could and should be described as such. You will learn all the fundamentals of the kitchen; from proper knife usage to basic cooking techniques such as steaming, roasting and sautéing. You will learn how to prepare rice, beans and legumes properly. If you are looking for where to start in the kitchen, then this is a class worth taking.

Allison Pensiero

I always thought I was healthy, eating a balanced Standard American Diet. During the past several years I was plagued with pain that I kept to myself. I finally went to a doctor. I went through a series of tests to discover my ferritin level was 1079, the standard range being between 10-291. My liver enzymes were off the chart. I was a candidate for diabetes. To top it off, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I was plagued with anxiety. I opted to skip any medication and to try a plant-based diet. Today after living a plant based lifestyle, I have no joint pain. My ferritin level is 131. My liver enzymes are normal. My sugar level is in range for the first time since I can remember. I have no anxiety! These changes did not occur due to a single prescription. The only change in my life was living a plant-based lifestyle. If I can make a change to a plant-based lifestyle with a career as a pastry chef, I know others can. Culinary Rx is an awesome class that I recommend to all!

Mary Schaefer

The Culinary Rx course has helped me reassess the unhealthy habits that can lead to disease and discomfort. On a lighter note, my husband just remarked, that he hasn't taken any Tums in awhile and still has a full bottle. I take that as a complement.

Ann Kinney

If the thought of having to change your diet and eating more vegetables makes you want to give up and go the other way, take a look at Culinary Rx. This enlightening program makes being in the kitchen FUN. It's definitely not continuous, boring salads and rabbit food. You'll soon be exploring a whole new world of tastes, colors and possibilities. There's even desserts and snacks! Best of all, your body automatically responds. No more dreadful dieting!

Sara Chute

I highly recommend this course for anyone that is struggling to understand the right foods to buy, cook and eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has made all the difference in turning me around to eat healthy by giving me the knowledge I needed.

Kathy Follin-Jackson

I would say to anyone who is concerned about the physical well-being of themselves and their family, to seriously consider transitioning to a plant-based diet, and the best way to start is to sign up for Culinary Rx.

Gloria Michin

For many of us, using whole grains and legumes is not within our experiences as we learned to cook. Most traditional cook books devote little if any time to these. This course taught me how to properly prepare these items and the recipes gave me a place to start. Once we know what we are looking for and feel confident that we can follow such recipes, we are half way toward a healthier diet.

Donna Dworak

I went into this course with an open mind. As a vegan and chef, I was not sure what I would get out of this course. However, what I gained was more than I imagined and it has helped me with the cooking classes I am currently teaching as well as in my own home. I am now more motivated than ever to prepare creative meals at home.

Wysteria Sadhana

I'm amazed at how easy it is to cook for a plant-based lifestyle. I feel great, have lost weight, and don't get cranky around 4pm like I used to. I look forward to trying new foods and new recipes shared here. I'm excited to get in the kitchen again. I'm also thankful for the knowledge I gained about nutrients and that while eating a plant-based diet, I will get everything I need and much more! This is the start of a new chapter for me and my family.

Carrie Kennedy

I recommend Culinary Rx by Rouxbe and The Plantrician Project, as it is one of the most complete culinary courses on the path to a plant-based nutrition for overall improved health. Theory and techniques are all there to support your learning.

Josette Thompson

I have loved cooking for many years. I have taken a few online cooking courses, but this course is first class all the way. Not only are there fabulous videos that are easy to follow, the text is easy to comprehend, the content of the material is superb, and the recipes are all delicious and easy to implement.

Kathleen Heitmann

I wish more people would take the time to learn skills to nourish their bodies and keep themselves well. This course does an excellent job by covering cooking techniques as well as importance of plant-based nutrients and nutrition to promote health and wellness. I would definitely recommend this course. Excellent organization and content!

Anisha Anand

If you are thinking about enrolling in the Culinary Rx course, do not hesitate for even a moment. Go right ahead and enrol immediately. They will give you the inspiration, the support and the encouragement to take control of your well-being and to produce nutritious meals for you and your family or friends!

Penelope Landau

I loved this course. The layout and ease of use is amazing. I don't feel an in-class situation could've been better. And I loved the freedom to work this course into my busy life.

Sue Ferguson

I can easily recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how to introduce more plants into their diet as well as the nutritional foundation behind this dietary shift. The cost has made it affordable for everyone.

Suzanne Dameron

Culinary Rx will enhance your plant-based journey. Great content, high quality video,s and tasty recipes await you. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to take their plant-based diet to the next level!

Carlyn Montes De Oca

Taking this course has changed me personally and professionally. I have totally changed my diet and do not want to go back to my old habits. And believe me after taking this course you and your family will not want to go back to their old habits, because they will feel better and sleep better. Thanks

Renee Wiggins

I loved this course and would highly recommend it! The information presented in this course is very well organized and intermixed with activities to keep you interested. You learn so much about the different cooking techniques and you receive many wonderful plant based recipes. I am now cooking very healthy and nutrious meals on a much more regular basis and most importantly am so excited to be in the kitchen! :) Thank you so much!

Kristin Ashdown

Culinary Rx is a great course, with great instructors, and very engaging content. Whether you know very little about a plant-based diet or a lot, you will learn a lot of new information about food and cooking and new skills in the kitchen in this course.

Amanda Hatherly

I LOVED the class! Even though I knew a great deal of the information on the reason for a plant-based diet, I enjoyed watching the videos and reading the material. It reinforced my decision to go plant-based. May sound a little odd, but I found myself smiling a great deal of the time, simply because I was enjoying the course so much! I feel that it is basic enough for people who are being newly introduced to this way of eating, but very enjoyable even for someone who wants a refresher. Some of the hands-on cooking info was very new to me. I liked being able to watch it until it "sank in" and I grasped it. I am planning to go thru all the material again, after I have so time to practice the cooking. Well done!

Sandra Shepherd

Take the Culinary Rx program. I am certainly glad I did. This well designed program is time well invested in your future health. It gives you a firm foundation on which to build your culinary skills, and it showcases just how easy and delicious a plant-based diet can be.

Cate Berry

The Culinary Rx course has given me more confidence with cooking. I now looking forward to cooking everyday!

Shelly Mehr

Culinary Rx was a fantastic short course that helped me improve my cooking techniques and skills. I thought I knew a lot about food preparation, but was amazing at all Iearned in this course. This course really does 'teach a man to fish' which is much better than feeding a man for a day!

Kirsten Walker

I have a new respect and appreciation for a Vegan lifestyle. I always thought it represented an inferior diet, and I now understand my original thinking (for the last 50 years) may have been significantly flawed. Thanks!! - Jim

Kathy & Jim Thornsberry

Culinary RX is a very engaging and empowering program that has the potential of transforming the nutritional landscape for the masses. Learning the fundamental prepping and preparation techniques are the foundational knowledge that is missing in most people's kitchen experience ever since home economics was removed from the curriculum in schools many years ago. Culinary Rx fills that void. I hope this program is made more accessible and affordable to everyone on the path to better nutrition and disease prevention/reversal.

Denise Johnson

For anyone considering eating more healthful, Culinary Rx by Rouxbe, is a great way to learn fundamental a nutrition and cooking basics to incorporate more fruit, vegetables and grains into your diet. The cooking assignments are fun and practical and you can directly apply what you have been learning in the course. It's a solid program excellent for all skill and interest levels.

Kristi Mahoney

I believe that the Culinary Rx course is right on target with helping individuals take control of their health. By incorporating what I have learned through this course I can now more effectively "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," as Hippocrates has instructed. Thank you Rouxbe for making this possible!

Staci Anderson

Culinary Rx has provided me with the skills, knowledge, and inspiration to create satisfying meals that keep me from missing the food I ate prior to my change to a gluten free, whole food plant-based diet. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to add more healthy variety into their diet, or transition to a whole food plant-based diet.

Sandra Goodwin-Jette

This course has been amazing for me in so many ways. First and foremost I feel much more confident in preparing and cooking healthier food. It has giving me the essential basic knowledge that I lacked in cooking techniques and methods to ensure greater consistency in my plant-based cooking.

Georgina George

Culinary Rx helped me change from within, providing knowledge about the rationale behind better food choices and cooking techniques to pave the way to a more diversified, healthy and nutritious diet!

Glenda de la Fuente

If you are sick and tired of the same old life and truly want to improve your health, the Culinary Rx course will place you on a path to change your life for the better! If you apply what you learn, these changes will last a life time and affect the lives of those you love. Modern medicine helps us live longer, but Culinary RX will help you live better.

Terry Rademann

The skills that Rouxbe has taught me have changed my life.

Leigh Sheppard

I would highly recommend Culinary Rx. I realize now that I was handicapped in my cooking by not having the knowledge that I gained in this course.

Karen Franks

This course helps guide you if you have chosen a plant-based approach to cooking and eating, and you are stumbling with how to get started. It also helps provide the pathway to make plant-based cooking a part of your weekly routine without having it eat up all your time.

Suzette Moskwa

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Culinary Rx makes it easy to learn the basics of plant-based cooking on your own time. This is information that everyone needs to know!! It has given me the confidence I needed to cook delicious plant-based dishes for my family.

Beth Billups

To physicians out there who want to help themselves and their patients change to a healthier diet, but who do not have the basic knowledge of how to shop for, prepare, and cook whole foods, this course is an excellent start, from learning how to choose and use a chef's knife, through basic cooking techniques for whole foods. The information is provided in manageable sections, complete with self testing.

Sue Beem

I feel more prepared to cook healthy meals with this program. I have been student of vegan plant-based cooking for a couple years. However, I have had a hard time learning to cook without meat and have fallen back, time and time agai,n to my old ways. I feel this cooking class has taught me skills and recipes that I can use to make the full transition to vegan plant-based living!

Toni Clough

Culinary Rx will give you the knowledge you need to make the important change in your life to live it healthfully. It has taught me that a plant-based life is the easiest, healthiest, and most delicious way to live. With step by step instructions and easy to use dashboard, Culinary Rx was a pure joy to be a part of!

Paris Marash

Culinary Rx delivered a completely new world of possibilities for eating delicious food, and simultaneously caring for your health.

Felipe Ochoa

The Culinary Rx course is definitly worth the money. It gives you a crash course in cooking like a pro as well. I learned a lot and plan on sharing my knowledge with my friends. As an over the road truck driver on the Dalton hwy in Alaska, I wasn't sure I could complete the course but have been able to do so given it's accessibility.

Joy Wiebe

Rouxbe is the best cooking school I have ever attended. The Culinary Rx course is an excellent way to learn how to enhance your life and health by eating plant-based foods instead of animal proteins.

Kathleen Shannon

Culinary Rx is a great jumpstart to healthy plant-based cooking. Watching the videos makes it so easy to duplicate the techniques in my own kitchen, and has inspired me to use more batch cooking in order to prep for a busy week and keep a healthy lifestyle sustainable.

Vivian Spangehl

Culinary RX is a great way to go beyond the cookbook into the technique and underpinnings of great whole foods plant-based cooking.

Julie Shanson

Culinary Rx has shown me that I can continue on my path of learning how to be a better cook, even with small children at home!

Karen Reddick

I would recommend Culinary RX for anyone looking to gain a solid foundation in nutritional knowledge and cooking skills in order to achieve optimal health.

Jennifer Morris

This is an informative and eye-opening course. It very clearly illustrates how easy, fun and delicious adopting a plant-based diet can be, and of course how much healthier it is for you! I have already recommended it to family and friends.

Paula Finnerty

Culinary Rx is a great springboard for people wanting to incorporate more plant-based cooking into their diets. The varied teaching format incorporating video, text, online Q&A sessions, student submissions and a Facebook group is all highly supportive in helping people gain expertise and confidence. The class is perfect for folks wanting to improve their health through diet, but lacking the knowledge, tools or experience to prepare healthful, tasty plant-based whole foods.

Joanne Drake Strosnider

Culinary Rx will help you change to a healthy lifestyle, enjoy cooking, help you get more energy and make you more effective in the kitchen than you were before. Do not hesitate to enroll as soon as possible.

Iris Broekarts

The Culinary Rx course is an awesome way to learn about plant-based foods, how to cook them and incorporate all their nutrient goodness into colorful and delicious meals that will satisfy everyone. The videos are well done, and some are mouthwatering!

Lauren Vaught

Culinary RX has given me a kickstart in both cooking at home, and incorporating more plant-based foods into my diet. Because I've sampled some really good vegan recipes, I'm more confident that I can move toward a vegan diet.

Victoria Bowen

The Culinary Rx course is laid out in a way that makes learning and practicing skills fun. I found that I couldn't wait to get to the next quiz or lesson. Most of all I learned that preparing vegetables, grains, beans and lentils in the correct manner makes them delicious. I no longer feel deprived of fat and sugar laden empty calories and truly enjoy the texture and taste of properly cooked whole foods.

Judy Gershkowitz

My momma who has stage 4 colon cancer is now even transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle after the course and wants to cook and get back on her feet.

Alisha Honore

A wonderful, short program designed to lead you on the right path with the tools you need to succeed.

Megan Kennedy

Culinary Rx gave me a boost of confidence and inspiration to tackle mid-week dinners in a healthy, mindful way.

Rita Turner

If you are a novice cook, or even an experienced cook who only follows recipes and is having a hard time finding recipes that will support a plant-based lifestyle, the I highly recommend this course. It will give you the knowledge to plan and prepare the healthy ingredients you will want to incorporate into your diet, and give you the confidence to turn those ingredients into a delicious meal. If you have found cooking a drudgery in the past, this course will turn you into someone who looks forward to having fun creating new and delicious dishes, and will inspire you to continue to hone your cooking skills.

Jim Webster

The very core of the Culinary Rx course, in my opinion, is about caring. This focus reaches out to embrace all in a form that builds confidence and empowers in a direction toward health and healing. It includes methods, knowledge and techniques in an effort to return to a life fully alive. Healthy people for a healthy planet and beyond.

Lee Robertson

If you would like to improve your health through changes to your diet, but aren't sure where to start, Culinary Rx is a wonderful launchpad to a healthier lifestyle. You will learn about how your diet impacts your health and will then learn techniques to support the changes you need to make.

Jen Tolnay

I was transitioning to a vegan diet when I started the course. Seeing the videos from doctors about the benefits of a plant-based diet, and having the practical guidelines on how to cook the foods I would need to be healthy, gave me the confidence I desired to switch over completely to a vegan lifestyle.

Moana McReynolds

Culinary RX has given me the inspiration to try new plant-based recipes, the techniques to execute them, and the nutrition knowledge that empowers me to confidently share my newfound knowledge with others.

Joanne Boden

Even if you think you cook and eat healthfully, this course has a wealth of knowledge. You don't know what you don't know and this course has expanded my repertoire of plant-based cooking as well as given me a strong ethical foundation as to why I have chosen to eat like I do.

Andrea Burke

I would highly recommend Culinary RX to anyone who is ready to turn their health around, start feeling amazing, and during the course, enjoy eating fantastic food.

Suzana Brown

The 60-day Culinary Rx course is a great introduction to the concepts behind a plant-based diet.

Rose Mavis

I would HIGHLY recommend Culinary Rx. It provides a lot of efficient, practical methods to support our daily health decisions, making it easier to maintain a good direction!

Maya D.