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Even if you don't plan on going completely plant-based, this course is well worth your time and effort. Learning the knife skills makes chopping fun. Gone are the days of mushy vegetables. Eating healthy is within your grasp, and Rouxbe ensures that you've armed with the skills to make it happen.

Jennifer K

Having an entire course designed for healthy eating was awesome. I got to learn the whys and the hows of a healthy diet. It was very satisfing to learn the theory and then practice and not only reading "healthy" recipes over Internet. I loved the videos because I can actually see how food was supose to look like in every step of the dish.

Cesia Ortiz

Culinary Rx is a great way for people to learn for themselves how food effects their health. People can be very defensive about their diet and this is a great forum to learn and adapt.

Amanda Harrop

Culinary Rx has been a blessing. I love that this program starts with the basics, giving you a foundation of plant-based education while offering practical tips & teaching proper techniques that help you succeed at eating healthy.

Amy Bell

If you have a good handle on cooking, or have cooked for many years as I have in the food industry (but I am not a classically-trained chef), these courses will give you a more complete understanding of various ingredients and cooking methods that will take your cooking to a new level.

Laurie Atchison

I gained a lot of confidence with my cooking technique from Culinary Rx.

Danny Alvarez

Culinary Rx is a fantastic course to get you on the right track to better overall health.

Laura Millar

This course puts it all together for one exploring the world of good nutrition, from academics to the table. It empowers the searcher to understand, shop, cook and serve health via food for them self and others.

Patrice Gilmore

Culinary Rx is the course that is going to change your eating habits dramatically. You'll learn that if you don't like vegetables it is simply because you don't know how to cook them.

Maxim Krayushkin

Cullinary Rx will help you on your way to achieving your health goals! Giving you the tools and confidence that you can do it!

Cynthia Porter

Culinary Rx is a well-rounded plant-based culinary experience. The staff and community make it fun, easy and enjoyable to learn! I personally enjoyed learning about the nutritional basics, knife skills, cooking techniques and recipes. I highly recommend it!

Jodi Gerson

The course has has given me more information, skills and motivation to incorporate new ingredients, sides and meals into my regular repertoire. I was a pedestrian cook, at best, before. Now I am a pedestrian cook with a more skills and knowledge, and access to a great resource for recipes and ways to make our plant-based meals more interesting.

Carli Emerson

This course was very helpful in increasing my knowledge of nutrition and my confidence in the kitchen. Having solid techniques, and an understanding of health-supporting foods, will help me feed myself and my family in ways that promote, rather than diminish, our health. Thank you Rouxbe and The Plantrician Project!

Andrea Sloan

I think these are good basic skills that everyone should have. Learning was easy, fun and was on my time schedule.

Kathryn Garlick

This course is a great starting point for anyone looking to switch to a plant-based lifestyle. It provides enough information and basic techniques to help anyone make the transition.

Jeff Fewel

I truly have learned so much from taking this cooking course.

Ysabel Lozano

I would highly recommend taking Culinary Rx to further expand your cooking skills and culinary knowledge. It provided the basic skills that I was looking for. I have gained valuable skills and it has brought me confidence in the kitchen. Thanks Culinary Rx!

Ann Leriche-Brydson